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Here’s hoping everyone had a wonderful long weekend, with plenty of luge, bobsled, and curling (if that’s your thing)!

As we get back into the swing of things, here are a few reminders:

In case you have missed it, big changes are coming to Office 365!  This week’s Friday Coffee Fix will cover a lot of information about the changes, so make sure you stop by L1735 from 10-12 or again from 1-3.  If you can’t make the Coffee Fix, you can stop by L1735 to chat with Kathleen Coate during her drop-in hours (with the exception this week of Thursday, when she won’t be holding them).

Please also remember that students will not be able to access their current Office 365 accounts from Friday, Feb. 23 at 6 pm until Monday, Feb. 26.  Keep this in mind as you create due dates, etc.  Students CAN start using their new Office 365 already, however, and this will be available all weekend.  To login, students should visit

Book orders for summer semester are due today!  Tomorrow (Wednesday, Feb. 21), links will be sent out for Fall 2018 orders; these orders are due by Monday, March 12th.

Here is some information to help the book ordering process go more smoothly:

Here is the site for ordering your books.  Log in using your Normandale email address. For those that may have forgotten their passwords, please note the password reset link on the log in page. Please call 952-358-9130 should you have any issues logging in.

Here is a list of important reminders about the book order process.

Here, also, is a video that explains how to complete your order:

If you have any other questions, here are the people to contact:

  • Technical questions: Chris Peterson
  • Book-specific questions: Shanna Ross
  • Rental questions: Tiffany Dresen

Congratulations to Xiaosheng Li, who just received certification through Quality Matters for Calculus 3!  Xiaosheng joins several other Normandale faculty who have completed this process to ensure nationally-recognized certification for their online courses. You can find more information here.

Some other opportunities and articles of interest:

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Happy Monday! Spare 2 minutes to read this & carry on with your greatness.

Guests coming to Normandale!! D2L Connection: Minnesota Edition

Register today – it’s easy.

We are lucky to be hosting the amazing D2L Connection: Minnesota Edition conference on Friday, April 13th! 

Never attended before? Come spend the day (or even part of the day!) focused on great teaching & learning techniques using our D2L Brightspace platform. Hear keynote speakers, meet colleagues from around the region, and talk directly with D2L designers and administrators.

Click here for more information on the conference

How do I register using faculty development funds?

Per your MSCF contract, funds are set aside specifically for your faculty development purposes. The amazing Rob Gronemann, as the chair of the committee, has worked really hard this year to make the process of applying for these funds quick & painless. There is still money available for this year!!!

For the D2L Connection conference, take advantage of EASY REGISTRATION by contacting Kathleen Coate for help submitting your request: 

Technology updates – what you need to know right now.

Been ignoring the emails? Click below for a quick summary:

Everything you need to know about technology changes but were afraid to ask

What do students need to know?  See below.

Students are being contacted through IT with help from our awesome marketing department. However, as we all know, putting info in multiples places is always helpful. If you have students with questions, direct them to the flyer below:

Flyer for students – print & distribute or link in D2L

CTL is in D2L!

Want more than just Chalk & Pixels, and CTL sessions?

Browse through our Center for Teaching & Learning D2L page.

Don’t see it in your list of courses?  Contact Kathleen Coate or Jennifer Miller.

Have a great week!

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This is NOT a Tide ad! CTL Reminders on Super Bowl Monday

Happy Monday, everyone!  We hope you enjoyed the Super Bowl (and the commercials!) yesterday if that’s your thing 🙂

Information from last week’s CTL Hour “What You Need to Know About Student Absences Related to Pregnancy, Parenting, and Disability” is now available on the Center for Teaching and Learning D2L page.  If you have additional questions about these accommodation requirements, please contact one of the campus CTL leaders, a member of the OSD staff, or one of the members of the campus Title IX team.

Last week’s Chalk & Pixels had a great FAQ about issues related to the domain change, as well as the upcoming Office 365 migration.  Take a look to get some clarity about these technology changes!  You can also stop by L1735 on Friday between 10 and noon, and then again between 1 and 3, for this week’s “Friday Coffee Fix,” which covers both integrating Office 365 with D2L as well as any questions you might have about the Office 365 migration.  There will be hot chocolate and Girl Scout cookies, too 🙂

Also, the Center for Teaching and Learning will be hosting a breakout session on Recharge Normandale Day about cellphone use in the classroom.  If you have great ideas on this topic that you’d like to share–ideas about how to creatively integrate smart technology, as well as ideas about how to limit the distractions of technology–please email Jen Miller ( and let her know what you’re thinking.

Here are some other faculty development opportunities you might be interested in: Continue reading

CTL Hour Today! Don’t miss out. AND…Everything you need to know about technology changes but are afraid to ask.

Join us today in A2552 – 3pm! Things You Need to Know About Student Absences

Did you know that faculty members are legally required to make attendance-related accommodations for students who are pregnant or parenting, or who have a disability registered with the Office for Students with Disabilities?

On Monday, January 29th, CTL, together with staff from the Office of Students withDisabilities, is giving the presentation “What You Need to Know About StudentAbsences Related to Pregnancy, Parenting, and Disability.”

  • Come to this session to learn about federal legislation that may affect your classes, as well as to hear about ways that you might accommodate pregnant/parenting students or those with disabilities while still maintaining the rigor and integrity of your courses.
  • This presentation will take place on Monday, January 29th from 3-4 pm in A2552.  We hope to see you there!

We know there’s a lot of information coming at you about our various technology changes.

Here’s a summary of what you need to know, and why it will be awesome.

Q: What is the “domain change” all about?emojiFlushed_Face_Emoji

A: Changing all link URL addresses that contain to

Q: Hasn’t the domain change happened already?

A: Yes. However, if you are experiencing broken links in D2L, it’s either because the link wasn’t changed by the “search & replace” tool, or because it was redirecting you automatically, but has now stopped redirecting you. For example MediaSpace links are being redirected only through January 30th.

Q: What if I didn’t check all my MediaSpace links in D2L?

A: They should have been replaced with the “search & replace” tool on Dec. 27th. However, some areas in D2L could not be searched, such as Discussion boards, or links within a PowerPoint or Excel file. If you are unsure of how to make these changes yourself, ask for help.

Q: What if my MediaSpace videos were inserted in D2L using “embed code” instead of a link? 

A: They will still work. The MediaSpace embed code has not changed. However – it is recommended that you check your embedded MediaSpace videos to be sure.

Q: Why will this be awesome? 

A: Because URL’s will be consistent with what we are called. For what it’s worth.  emoji happy face

Q: What is the “Office 365 migration” all about?emoji really surprised

A: A couple of things.

  1. Student emails are being moved to a “cloud server” for Minn. State so they can receive emails in one place even if they attend more than one college in the system.
  2. Students, Faculty, & Staff’s “OneDrive” files will migrate to a statewide server during the 3rd week of February. (Keep checking your email for exact dates of this migration.)

Q: What if I have a lot of files in my “OneDrive,” accessed by my Normandale email address?

A: During the 3rd week of February, OneDrive files will automatically “migrate” to the statewide server. After that time, you will no longer be able to access the previous Office 365 OneDrive.

Q: What if I am currently sharing a file or folder with specific people at Normadale?

A: The sharing permission for specific people will still be there, even after the migration to the new server.

Q: What if I uploaded a file into D2L from my OneDrive?

A: You don’t need to do anything. The file now lives in your D2L “manage files” area.

Q: What if I have a link in D2L to a OneDrive file?

A: The link will break after the migration. You should replace the link after the migration, or, move your file now to the new server and re-link it.

Q: How do I access the new Office 365 server?

A: You can access it now, by going to

  • Username is (eg:
  • Password is your Star ID password

Q: What will happen if I have a file on both my old Office 365 server and my new one that has the same name?

A: The migration will keep the newest file.

Q: What if I use Office 365 apps such as “Forms” and “Sway”?

A: Because these are saved outside of your OneDrive, they will not migrate. You will need to move them to the new server before the migration happens, or you will lose what you’ve made.

Q: How do I move my Forms and Sways to the new server?

A: Follow these instructions, and ask for help if needed:

Q: Where can faculty and students go for more information and updates?

A: IT has put together information on their webpage
Contact them directly at 952-358-8181 or AskUs – Employee Edition

Q: Why will this be awesome?

A: Because faculty, students, and staff will all be on the same server, and not have to log in with multiple accounts for different colleges in the system. Faculty will also have access to the same applications that students currently have, making for more robust options with technology.emoji happy face

Q: What does “D2L is moving to the Cloud” mean? Emoji_Cloud_PNG_grande

A: On June 2nd, D2L will no longer be hosted “on-prem” (meaning – on our premises) but will be moving “to the cloud” (meaning – up in the sky where all the other really cool internet stuff is.)

Q: What will change and why are we doing this?

A: This is just a hosting change that D2L Brightspace is requiring so that we can continue to receive necessary software updates. (Basically, if you’re not in the cloud, you’re obsolete.)  Any functional changes will be communicated as it gets closer. Click here for more detailed info on the “move to the cloud”

Q: Where can I go for help?emoji with glasses

A: Several great options:

  1. Contact the IT Helpdesk directly at 952-358-8181 or submit a question to AskUs – Employee Edition
  2. Visit Kathleen Coate during drop-in or appointment hours in L1735. Click here for drop-in or appointment hours.
  3. Attend one of four specific Friday Coffee Fix sessions geared toward these changes –  on Feb. 9th and Feb. 23rd. Click here for the complete Friday Coffee Fix schedule

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Things You Need to Know About Student Absences and Domain Changes

Good morning all!

Did you know that faculty members are legally required to make attendance-related accommodations for students who are pregnant or parenting, or who have a disability registered with the Office for Students with Disabilities?

On Monday, January 29th, CTL, together with staff from the Office of Students with Disabilities, is giving the presentation “What You Need to Know About Student Absences Related to Pregnancy, Parenting, and Disability.”

Come to this session to learn about federal legislation that may affect your classes, as well as to hear about ways that you might accommodate pregnant/parenting students or those with disabilities while still maintaining the rigor and integrity of your courses.

This presentation will take place on Monday, January 29th from 3-4 pm in A2552.  We hope to see you there!

Also, are you struggling to keep all the emails about technology changes straight?  Here are some things to help you out!

  • IT has created a website about the upcoming Office 365 migration, with both FAQs and a checklist for both faculty and students.  A lot of the information in the FAQ is for students, which can be a bit confusing–make sure you are looking for information directed at faculty and staff.
  • Also, the Friday Coffee Fixes on Friday February 9 AND February 23 will help faculty work through any questions or challenges that they might be experiencing with the Office 365 migration, as well as offer strategies about how to integrate this technology into D2L.
  • And as always, if you have any questions, please contact Jen Miller, Kathleen Coate, or another member of the CTL team!

Here are a few other things you might be interested in, as well:

  • Here are some strategies from Stanford’s Tomorrow’s Teaching and Learning blog on how to develop rapport with students and build a positive classroom climate.
  • The Minnesota D2L conference is being held right here at Normandale on April 13th!  If you are interested in presenting at the conference, proposals are due Feb. 1.  More information about both presenting and general registration can be found here.
  • The 2018 “E”ffordability summit, which addresses the rising cost of educational materials, will take place at UW-Stout on March 26-27.  This year’s conference will provide the “opportunity for attendees to share their best practices, experiences and issues relating to the use of open educational resources as well as other educational content affordability topics.”
  • An interesting article from The Chronicle of Higher Education about how to involve students more actively in course design.
  • Finally, registration for the Minnesota State book group is now open!  This year’s topic is immigration and learning about our immigrant students and communities. Participants will read Enrique’s Journey: The Story of a Boy’s Dangerous Odyssey to Reunite with His Mother, which “is a true story from award-winning journalist Sonia Nazario recounting the odyssey of a Honduran boy who braves hardship and peril to reach his mother in the United States.”  Faculty are invited to participate in several ways:
    • First, there will be three 90-minute virtual Adobe Connect meetings to discuss how the experiences and perspectives in this book relate to our students and communities.  These meetings will take place on:
      1. Thursday, Feb 22, 12:00-1:30 pm
      2. Thursday, March 22, 12:00-1:30 pm
      3. Thursday, April 26, 12:00-1:30 pm
    • There is also a D2L Brightspace course “to explore issues related to immigration, helping immigrant students succeed, and understanding our communities and the news.  The “course” will use short, asynchronous, interactive activities to help us explore how we can better serve our students, connect across the system, and share resources.”  Here is the syllabus for the course, as well as instructions on how to register for it.

Good luck with the snow, everyone–drive safely!