October Training Opportunities from Human Resources

In October HR is hosting the following training opportunities for all Normandale employees:


Diversity Lite Trainings are short 30 minute sessions, held back to back. By attending the sessions you will get a general understanding of the topics, participate in an activity and discussion, and learn how they pertain to your life as an employee of Normandale. Join us for one or both sessions!

Learning Disabilities—This session covers basic information about learning disabilities, includes a learning disability simulation activity, discusses why it matters as a Normandale employee, and what resources we have here on campus.

  • 10/27, 3-3:30, P0806A & 10/28, 11-11:30, P0806A

Organizational Diversity—This session covers the internal differences that we see every day in our organization and tackles breaking down stereotypes and assumptions that are associated with them. Some differences include: Union affiliation, management status, staff or faculty association, seniority level and more.

  • 10/27, 3:30-4, P0806A & 10/28, 11:30-12, P0806A

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