Oodles of development goodness.

Teaching Pairs

Do you think visiting another faculty’s classroom is a good idea? So do we. We want faculty talking to each other about teaching as much as possible. So, stealing a good idea from the English department, here’s an easy way to visit another faculty. Here’s a handy sheet to make it easy for you. Send your CTL leader top portion and we’ll give you and the faculty whose class you attended a power paw. (This form will also be available on the Portal- soon).

Workshop on Service Learning

A working hour to put together a plan for using service learning in your course. Come find out what it can do for your students and then make a plan right then. October 20th, 3-4 p.m., A 2552. More details: Faculty Supplemental Learning Workshop


We need faculty that use online discussions successfully. The Center for Teaching and Learning received a request from a department that would like to talk with faculty experienced in online discussions. This departments interests are pedagogical, not technological. If you’d be willing to chat about what works for online discussions, please contact ctl@normandale or your Center for Teaching and Learning division leader.

Keep up with trainings at Normandale.

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New Recruits

The Center for Teaching and Learning has new mascots. Please welcome Norma ‘n’ Dale. They’re lions. No, not that kind.

Bonus teaching link

For our English faculty, and apropos of the upcoming Service Learning Workshop, check out this article by a St. Cloud State English professor on how service learning transformed her composition classes and its “stale educational practice.”



One thought on “Oodles of development goodness.

  1. What a great article about service learning! I loved the notion that the service was a form of “text” and that the service itself was not graded, but a necessary component to be experienced (like a particular TEXT!) in order to complete the course. I have been thinking about service learning for a couple of years now, and it has morphed from one idea to another. I still haven’t figured out exactly how I would like to implement it, but it is adding to my interest in eventually using this method in one of my courses.

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