Explainer videos, responding to students on the Autistic spectrum, and addressing poverty.

Software: Faculty looking for help on software can ask our master instructional technologist, David Voigt, for help. For the hours he sleeps, think about the video library at Atomic Learning. It has scads of explainer videos. Access it through D2L under “Resources” or here. Teach yourself Photoshop or teach your students MS Word.

Autism help: Looking for info on how to manage classroom behavior with students on the autism spectrum? Check out this article that provides a literature review on Autism Spectrum Disorders in higher ed and suggestions for faculty to address issues (page 10).

Really want to know more? The University of Minnesota has a “13-credit program offers specialized training in methods of assessment, intervention, and treatment evaluation” of Autism Spectrum Disorders in education.

Understanding Povety: Metropolitan State University in St. Paul, MN will host a Poverty Institute on October 20-21. The  “intensive two-day session provides a grounded understanding of poverty and what you can do to more successfully assist people in moving out – and staying out – of poverty.” I’m in and a a little birdy told me other Normandale folks will attend too- will you?

And don’t forget to come to our TurnItIn training, October 14th, 9:30-10:50 in C 2017.


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