Teaching myself to teach.

Much of pedagogy is self-taught. To that end, a few links for the self-educating professor:

– A Chronicle of Education website compiling syllabi from many faculty is here. Heavier on social sciences and humanities, but growing.
Pedagogy Unbound “A place for college teachers to share practical strategies for today’s classrooms”
– “Found ways to help students answer their own questions.” An article from IDEA, a “nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide assessment and feedback systems to improve learning in higher education.”
– “A Few Concerns about the Rush to Flip.” A short piece from facultyfocus.com from an emeritus Penn State faculty member. Hat tip to Erin Daly, our fearless Assessment Coordinator.

These articles offered for when the sugar rush of eating Halloween candy wears off and you want to feel intellectually virtuous after abasing yourself corporeally.


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