Semester start resources, research on active learning, and better team learning.

Syllabus help– As our spring semester launches, consider reviewing you syllabus using our Syllabus Checklist. The checklist and other useful syllabus resources are available on the Portal under the Services tab — Training — Teaching and Learning — Syllabus Guidelines & Resources.

Active learning. . . helps African American and first generation students close the achievement gap. From a NY Times article: “The trend away from classes based on reading and listening passively to lectures, and toward a more active role for students, has its most profound effects on black students and those whose parents did not go to college, a new study of college students shows.” Perhaps as importantly, classes with more structure help the same students.

Not getting want you want from student group work? Want to build better teams in your courses? Try the University of Minnesota’s “Surviving Group Projects” website, a group-work-for-dummies guide.

Welcome back, stay warm, and remember: ignorance spreads faster than influenza. Wash your hands and polish your lesson plans.


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