Valid research on teaching, duty day handouts, intercultural communication.

Valid Research on Teaching and Learning

Let’s be blunt: there is a great deal of terrible research on teaching and learning. Just rubbish. Folks confusing correlation and causation, assuming student responses on what is good teaching corresponds with what is actually good teaching, and all manner of politically-motivated tomfoolery. The Institute for Education Sciences ” review the research on the different programs, products, practices, and policies in education.” Their goal is ” to provide educators with the information they need to make evidence-based decisions.” Given this aim, it’s unsurprising their website is called “What Works Clearinghouse.” The site offers short summaries with three sections: what is this study about, what did they find, and the original study citation.

January Duty Day Materials

For those wishing access to our January 9th duty day resources, please see below.

Link of “Padagogy Wheel” from teaching with technology session. iPad apps organized around a Bloom’s Taxonomy visualization.

Link page to handouts referenced by Rod Raasch on responding to students.

Handouts from Erin Daly’s session on How it all fits together.

How Does It All Fit Together Handouts

Handouts from Lazare Rottach’s session on active learning

Action Jackson
Clay Worksheet
Raku BowlS
Surface Trays 
Using Active Learning to Enhance Lecture Presentation

Erin and Lazare’s documents are also available on Sharepoint here (requires login if off campus).

Intercultural communication

Following on the duty day discussion about deescalating student behavior, several faculty have asked for a discussion about how to talk to students across cultures. We’ve heard you and are working on something. In the interim, please consider the following article: Islands of Empowerment: Facilitating Multicultural Learning Communities in College.


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