Success Day at Normandale- and other faculty development links.

On 2.10.15 Normandale Community College held our Success Day and our faculty offered a variety of professional development sessions for educators. Below you’ll find an odds and ends reflection on some of the sessions I attended and resources offered by presenters.

Eric Mein, Jen Miller, and Dan Darling offered their insights on how to lead good discussions. Eric noted good discussions should always focus on skills above the “Application” level of Bloom’s Taxonomy. Dan encouraged faculty to cede power to students for their own learning, allow students to name that which they’re studying, and focus on problem solving in discussions. Jen suggested there are many ways for students to participate, and she’d found the Harkness Method of discussions effectively models different ways of participating in discussions, in class and online.

Beena Cook, our Tutoring Center Coordinator, counselled those reviewing English for Academic Purposes students to offer comments that are precise, prioritized, and finally polished. Full explanation here. 

Sadie Pendaz recommended the book What the Best College Teachers Do by Ken Bain when thinking about late assignment policies.

Unrelated to Success day, Christopher Danielson recently posted on “Whose responsibility is learning” for the Minnesota Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

Finally, in case you missed it, the ProfHacker blog on The Chronicle of Higher Education recently offered a grab bag of great faculty development blogs from across academia. Stumble upon someone bright in your field thinking about teaching teachers.


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