How to be a better teacher (an ongoing series)

Watch your friends teach. Make it low key, drop in for an hour. Here’s a sheet to help you take useful notes. I visited a class on genetics and a library class- and learned much about teaching and students’ experiences in both. Watching others teach is like candy: give yourself a reward before the semester is up.

Read what other professors are doing: Did you Know the Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning is an open journal? Take a lunch break to read an article, such as “The Benefits of Good Teaching Extend Beyond Course Achievement” from the latest issue.

Participate on campus when you have time: At 3 p.m. on April 20th in A 2552 we’ll host Lisa King, an expert on Autism Spectrum Disorders from St. Kate’s.. There are no classes scheduled, so why not join us to learn about this subset of our students. This session is the last CTL hour for those accumulating Pride Points for the end of the semester drawing.

Give awards to fellow great teachers: Outside of CTL, I made up an open award for teaching and learning called The Gloria. . Give a Gloria to someone who deserves more recognition than s/he is getting: we can’t honor great teaching enough.

Talk to your colleagues about teaching: F 2201 is soon to be a Faculty Commons. We’ll put in some furniture, but the most important part is you! Call the Faculty Commons an empowering liminal space of serendipitous androgological exchange, or, yeah know, that weird space outside the copy room Jo, Diana and Donna sat. Good teachers borrow others’ ideas: great teachers steal ideas outright. Get yours at the Faculty Commons- coming soon. FacultyCommons


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