Autism, conferences, and open education resources.

We hosted Lisa King from St. Kate’s on April 20th for a session on working with students with Autism Spectrum Disorder. To view the handouts she provided please go here (internal Normandale like to Sharepoint- sorry world- not public.)

Often times education technology conferences amount to “12 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With _insert technology here_” To see the bigger ed tech picture, seek out conferences that challenge established technology and education narratives. For example, the Digital Media and Learning Conference this June 11-13 in Los Angeles looks at “Equity by Design.

For a more in-depth exposure to digital pedagogy, consider the week-long session at Univ. of Wisconsin Madison: Digital Pedagogy Lab, August 10-14. Leading edge thinkers about androgogy and tech, in that order.

Want to save your students money? A recent sum of available Open Education resources is in this short newsletter.


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