Host to post grades, and readings for procrastination whilst grading.

How to automatically post your final grades from D2L to the grading portal. 

Join Tonya Hanson-Huber, Sue Tischendorf, and David Voigt to learn about the new way to automatically transfer grades from D2L to the final grade record.

Make your life easier this December. Come to C 3002 at 3 p.m. today.

Readings for when you can’t grade anymore. 

  • Laura Gibbs, an instructor at the University of Oklahoma, writes on the “10 Reasons Why I use a Blog (not D2L) for Class Announcements.” Food for thought.
  • Northern Virginia Community College System has partnered with several others to offer a degree with zero additional costs (no textbook costs) using OER (open education resources). Read more here.
  • You want a “how to” article for creating Problem Based Learning lessons: you got it!   From the Faculty Focus blog.
  • In Case You Missed It: A summary of the ground-breaking article on how one-hour chats with upper-class students increased the persistence and retention of first-time college students.
  • It’s not too late in the semester! “3 simple ways you can set up the day’s learning before the metaphorical bell rings



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