Upcoming D2L Training in January 2016

1.6.16  Brightspace Fundamentals – An Introduction and Overview of Brightspace D2L

Intended for beginners, but also good for refreshing ones knowledge of the basics of Brightspace D2L.  Sue Tischendorf and David Voigt will present an overview from 10am-noon.  Then, they will stick around until 2 pm to help you work on your course.  Held in a computer lab, so, feel free to take the time to update your online material.  Drop ins welcome!

1/6/16 in C3026   10 am-2 pm

1.7.16 Organize your Online/Hybrid Course to Maximize Student Learning.

You can save yourself headaches and avoid student confusion and questions by organizing your D2L course. In this session, you will see and receive actual examples and resources for News items, instructor contact information, and introductory module. Organizing your content, providing learning activities, discussions, and evaluations will result in a well-organized, engaging, online course.

Nancy Ludden and David Voigt will present 9am-10am.  Then, 10-3 will be open time for you to work on your course or drop in for D2L help.  Held in a computer lab so, feel free to use the time to improve your online material.

1/7/16 C3026  9 am -3 pm


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