Now you’re talking my language, and other training opportunities.

Now you’re talking my language: how to pronounce non-English words when speaking with students.

The Center for Teaching and Learning invites you to learn how to pronounce non-English words. Experts in language instruction will cover basic pronunciation guidelines. Come learn to speak your students’ languages a bit better- including American Sign Language. February 29th, 3-4 p.m. A 2552. Look for an Outlook appointment.

Are you a STAR? 

The Minnesota Online Quality Initiative is sponsoring a one-day, virtual symposium. The scholarship, teaching, academics, and recognition (STAR) symposium will be on February 19th. Learn more here. The keynote speak is L. Dee Fink, of backwards course design fame.

Online students learn how? 

A report issued this month by the Community College Research Center about online courses concludes “that the quality of interpersonal interaction within a course relates positively and significantly to student grades. Additional analyses based on course observation and interview data suggest that frequent and effective student-instructor interaction creates an online environment that encourages students to commit themselves to the course and perform stronger academically.”




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