Teaching spaces, department chairs, FERPA, and faculty development.

How does teaching space influence learning? 

David Matthes, a biology professor at the University of Minnesota, reflects on teaching spaces. He writes:

When your objectives include discovery, engagement with the unfamiliar, a stronger sense of belonging in the field or the institution, or perhaps an understanding of what freedom is – then taking the time to find the right space or, in one way or another, to create the right space is a necessary, transformative act.

Things I Wish My Department Chair Would Say about Teaching

Maryellen Weimer, of the Teaching Professor blog, imagines what she’d like her chair to say to faculty.

Faculty can learn new tricks

In a shocking new book, scholars suggest that “‘faculty development has measurable impacts on teaching.'”

How do you connect your course with the rest of the world? 

An English teacher offers suggestions.  From The Chronicle of Higher Education. 

Understand FERPA? 

If not, here’s a webinar on FERPA (requires payment). For free, talk to Tonya Hanson in the Registrar’s office.






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