Spell check the web, rubrics for lightening the load, play with data better, make your LMS work for your students.


One of my great frustrations with D2L and many browsers is their inability to spellcheck as I type. Enter Grammarly, an extension for the Chrome browser that checks spelling as you type. No need to click on the awkward ABC box in D2L. Grammarly will prompt you to sign up for an account for other features, but I haven’t and don’t feel the need too. I just want real time spell check in D2L.

Rubrics – for many stages of work. 

From the Faculty Focus blog, suggestions for how to use rubrics as learning tools, not just as summative assessment tools.

Data- made fun

From the minds at the Engagement Lab at Emerson College comes DataBasic , a simple web tool designed by educators for learners. A word counter, csv file interpreter, and text comparisons. In English and Spanish, with attention to privacy. See the recent ProfHacker post at the Chronicle of Higher Education for a discussion of how to teach with DataBasic.

Make your Learning Management System (D2L) work for your students. 

A quick blog post on how to structure your D2L course to help students. From a rival learning management company, full disclosure.





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