You slipped the Ides of March- Well done.

Having escaped the Ides of March, would you care to consider the cornucopia of teaching goodness below?. . .

Center for Teaching and Learning Events

Faculty have generously volunteered to host a variety of roundtables, trainings, and workshops in the next month. The calendar to the right shows all the dates and times: please join us.

brightspace news.

You can now set an Intelligent Agent in D2L to do something if a student did not. Previously, intelligent agents would only act if a student did something (submitted a quiz, file to dropbox). Now, you can tell it to email or text students if they haven’t done something. Small feature- potential huge impact. See David Voigt or Sue Tischendorf for more information.

What’s the difference between college and high school? 

A one page guide for our students. Hat tip to Kurt Burch and Kristen Cooper for sharing.

Trainings around Minnesota

Assessment– On April 5th at Normandale, MNSCU and the Multi-State Collaborative to Advance Student Learning Outcomes Assessment will host morning and afternoon workshops on assessment. More information and registration can be found here .

Africa– On April 7th, The University of Minnesota Institute for Global Studies will hold a one-day symposium titled “Rethinking African Studies.” ” All community college educators who attend in full or in part Rethinking African Studies will receive free parking at the University of Minnesota.” Register here.

Closed captioning- On April 8th, MNSCU will host a dual face-to-face and online symposium: “CLOSED CAPTIONING REQUIREMENTS FOR INSTITUTIONS OF HIGHER EDUCATION: IT TAKES A VILLAGE.” Register here. 

Articles of Note

Five books to help you be more productive.”

Student Engagement Strategies for the Online Learning Environment

Unexpected Habits of Grading Effort and Habit

Active Learning: In Need of Deeper Exploration



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