ASAP: Faculty Inquiry Group at MnSCU


Faculty Inquiry Groups (Focus on Online Courses)

I recently learned of a new professional development opportunity through the MnSCU state office for faculty. The due date for the application is April 1st. I know, less than a week away: I wish I’d known of it sooner too.

From the MnSCU website: “The program provides individual support to faculty members who want to investigate a specific student learning challenge that currently exists in their online course.  Using evidence supported in teaching and learning research, faculty members will identify a plan to address their identified challenge, develop the necessary instructional materials using the appropriate technology tools needed to support their work, collect evidence of student learning, and report back on the findings of their work.  Throughout the process, faculty members will participate in a series of online and face-to-face activities with other colleagues to share their work and receive feedback. A three day, in-person, meeting is scheduled for the summer.”

Faculty are encouraged to work with Normandale instructional support staff, so be sure to contact Nancy Ludden (instructional designer), David Voight (instructional technologist) or Sue Tischendorf (D2L administrator and trainer) as you imagine your project.

Oh, and did I mention the program comes with $1000? 


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