D2L Changes

D2L has changed the terminology for some Brightspace tools and features.

These changes will take effect at all Minnesota State D2L Brightspace sites as of Saturday, August 6, 2016.

D2L will be updating its Brightspace documentation to reflect the terminology changes, and Minnesota State will implement the changes to be in synch with D2L’s documentation to help users make a smooth transition.  Minnesota State will implement the terminology changes in D2L Brightspace on August 6, 2016.

For details and screenshots of the changes, see FAQs for Students and Faculty

Current Terminology Terminology as of August 6, 2016
News Announcements
Dropbox Assignments
Pager Instant Messages
Edit Course Course Admin (faculty only)
New (In Content tool) Upload/Create (faculty only
Add Existing Activities (in Content tool) Existing Activities (faculty only)
  • Minnesota State users will see these terminology changes in the learning environment and on D2L’s community site, including online documentation and help.
  • Students and faculty will be made aware of the changes through Minnesota State’s ITS Service Desk FAQs and Announcements (formerly News) at each school’s D2L Brightspace My Home page.
  • Beginning August 6, 2016, Minnesota State’s ITS Service Desk FAQs will be revised to reflect the terminology changes.
  • Messages and documentation that originate from the Minnesota State System Office D2L System Admin team will begin using the new terminology as of August 6, 2016.
  • Faculty will need to modify any document that uses these terms when directing students, such as “go to the Dropbox and submit your paper”

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