Summer Reading: Race, bias, and great teaching.

For your summer reading enjoyment consider the following short articles and upcoming trainings: 

5 key takeaways about views of race and inequality in America: “A new Pew Research Center survey finds profound differences between black and white Americans in how they view the current state of race relations and racial equality and in the ways they experience day-to-day life.”

Want to understand your own implicit bias? Take a test (from Project Implicit, hosted by Harvard). The answers might surprise you! Tests on racial, gender, religious, weapons, careers, age, and weight bias.

What Makes a Good Teacher? “You may never be as funny, approachable, or creative as your favorite teacher — the key is to try.” Link

CTE Works: “The CTE WORKS! Summit is a ONE DAY conference sponsored jointly by Minnesota State Colleges and Universities and Minnesota Department of Education. This year’s Summit theme, Creating Pathways to Success, includes diversity and inclusion initiatives and experiential learning opportunities that encourage all Minnesotans to explore and prepare for career pathways.”

“Six Things Faculty Can Do to Promote Student Engagement”

“A Real-World Writing Project Integrating Mobile Technology and Team-Based Learning”


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