Peer visits, mentors, & assorted treasures.

An opportunity to learn from your colleagues.

If you are interested in learning new things you might incorporate in your teaching through watching another instructor, this is for you. Low stakes, no evaluation: clear a visit with a colleague, go watch what they do, think “you know, something like that might work really well in my class,” then – see if you can incorporate something new. A tweak here, a new way to present information or ideas there, and soon you can make notable improvements in students’ experience.

Click this link to indicate your interest: please give your name, discipline, and indicate whether you want to observe, be observed, or are open to both. (Discipline provided for convenience: we can learn by watching teaching that is very different from our own as well as teaching more like our own.)

Sign up here.

Would you like to meet new faculty and be a faculty mentor?

Your mentorship can be as formal or informal as you like. For more details, see here.

Sign up here.

A treasure of training opportunities.

Note-Taking Strategies to Improve Learning Generating class notes without giving your notes to students.

Overcoming Racism: October 28-29, Metropolitan State University. A two-day conference. Subtitle: Facilitating Racial Equity Collaborative

Accessible Media, Web, & Technology Conference.  November 14-18, Colorado. For those deep in the accessible digital world.

Citizenship Under Siege: Promoting Listening, Learning, and Engagement, free webinars from the Association of American Colleges and Universities.



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