Scary Syllabi, Teaching Critical Thinking, Open Access, and Marlon James on Diversity

What makes syllabi scary good and scary bad?

I asked my students for examples of great and less-than-great syllabi. I’ve taken the specific features they found useful and not and put them together into a Scary Syllabus! Come frighten yourself silly with a discussion about how syllabi design impacts student learning.

A short presentation (10 minutes) followed by a led discussion on what students find right and wrong about syllabi. I have examples from English, Anthropology, Spanish, Health, Art, Psychology, Biology and many more!

Monday, October 31st, 3-4 pm, A 2552.

“Teaching Critical Thinking: Some Practical Points”

A blog post by the same title, from Faculty Focus. For all, especially those focussed on Critical Thinking in their Assessment project this year.

Open Access Week Starts Now

From the Chronicle of Higher Education, a short collection of links to help you learn more about OER, or open education resources.

Marlon James is done talking.

Marlon James, the Man Booker prize-winning author teaching at Macalester College, is done talking about diversity. Read why.




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