Are you using MediaSpace? New features coming soon!!

MediaSpace is integrating auto-transcribing captioning into its production environment. This means you can order captions to be created for any video you create or upload.

The rollout date for this feature is Dec. 15th, 2016.  However, if you would like to experiment with this feature prior to Dec. 15th, you can do so in a test environment.

Also as of Dec. 15th, MediaSpace will be available for students to use!  They will have all the same capabilities as faculty, including the storage and quick uploads to D2L of their videos.  Plan now for integrating MediaSpace into your spring classes.

A workshop is planned for Jan. 5th, (the day prior to Development Day) in which you can learn and experiment with MediaSpace and its integration with D2L.  Watch for more info on the workshop along with your Jan. 6th Development Day schedule.

Follow this link for the captioning test environment instructions:  mediaspace-test-envrionment-instructions

To learn more about MediaSpace and how to use it, follow this link:  how_to_add_mediaspace_video_using_my_media


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