Call for proposals for OER and Shark Tank, Race Equity, Positive Psychology, STAR Symposium

Two  Calls for Proposals from MN State Due January 13th: Shark Tank and Open Education Resources

MN State has two opportunities for up to $25,000 in funding. Note the deadline.

Shark Tank: “For an opportunity to secure up to $25,000 in funding, pitch an innovation that shows great promise for improving teaching, learning, or other core academic objectives. This opportunity is open to all Minnesota State students, faculty, staff.”

Open Textbook Opportunities: Faculty/staff may apply for up to $25,000 “to support campus-based open textbook and open educational resource initiatives.”

Race Equity EdCamp

“Education Minnesota invites you to attend our Race Equity EdCamp Twin Cities. EdCamps are organic, participant-driven professional learning experiences for educators across the country and worldwide. During an EdCamp, organizers set the schedule for the day but all sessions are determined by participants on the day of the event.” Register here.

How can positive psychology help students?

A post from the Faculty Focus blog considers several simple interventions that can help students succeed with positive psychology.

STAR Symposium

February 10, 2017 The 2017 STAR Symposium is a virtual one-day conference that celebrates excellence in teaching and learning. Hear from experienced professionals about topics related to faculty support, course design and delivery, assessment practices, technology integration and student engagement strategies.

Registration is now open:


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