Neruomyths, Hillbilly Ellegy Bookclub, Antigonish 2.0, OER, and Memorization

Four neuromyths that are still prevalent in schools – debunked

From The Guardian. See if you can spot how the article actually engages in one of the neuromyths it highlights.

Antigonish 2.0

Antigonish 2.0 is a project about community capacity-building through a lens of citizenship and media literacy. Aimed at creating a regional hub of expertise and leadership, it is a collective, distributed initiative that re-visions the renowned adult education tradition of the Antigonish Movement for the 21st century. Learn more.

Open Education Textbooks

A quick reminder that OpenStax have a variety of OER textbooks for common courses. Some are revised and in their second edition, but, as aways, they’re free to use.

The MNState Online Faculty Book Club

“This new professional development activity is open to all faculty and staff. Through synchronous online meetings and asynchronous online activities, we’ll read Hillbilly Elegy and learn together how poverty impacts students and what we can do to lower barriers. The first meeting of the book group is Friday, February 24. You’ll need to get your own copy of the book, so don’t delay!” Learn more here.

Helping Student Memorize: Tips from Cognitive Science

Tomorrow’s Professor post. Hat tip to Erin Daly.




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