Rapport with students, faculty diversity, OER, & a Century College development opportunity.

Build rapport with your students

A blog post from The Teaching Professor on why it matters.

What Is Faculty Diversity Worth to a University?

“The ‘invisible labor’ done by professors of color is not usually rewarded with tenure and promotion. But it is more important now than ever.” From The Atlantic magazine.

Learn more about OER

Koffee with Karen on May 2nd, 2017 3-4pm

Karen Pikula will share three simple templates you may want to use when you are completing an OER review or when you are searching for OER materials.

  • BC Open Textbooks Review Criteria Checklist
  • OER Review Annotated Bibliography Template
  • OER Textbook Resource Comparison Matrix

Bring to share:

An OER URL that you think is a great place to look for Open Resources, a News item, a tip, or a question.

Drawing for 2 pounds of Coffee from a unique Nisswa, Minnesota Roastery.

OER Webinar on May 22nd, 2017 10:30am – 12:00pm

Education is expensive. If we can reduce textbook costs, students may be able to take more classes, complete their programs more quickly, and be more successful.  Once faculty have participated in an introductory webinar, they may review an open textbook. Working with the Open Textbook Network and Library, faculty will receive a $200.00 honorarium once the review is completed.

More information, including a timeline and links to register, can be found here.

Century College Training- Learn to Teach like an NCC 1000 instructor

On Course I (3-day) will be held May 17-19, 2017
On Course II (4-day) will be held May 22-25, 2017 (must have complete OCI to attend OCII) Monday and Thursday are ½ days.

Please RSVP to http://tinyurl.com/OnCourse17 to reserve a spot for the training.   If you have questions, feel free to contact Mike.Mendez@century.edu.

Description for OCI

The On Course Workshop is a highly experiential professional development event designed to provide you with dozens of innovative strategies for empowering your students to become active, responsible and successful learners.  This is the same workshop offered at conference centers across the country.  These learner-centered strategies—representing best practices from innovators in higher education, business, psychology, sports and personal effectiveness—help students become full and active partners in their own education. – Cost $400

Description for OCII 

At the On Course I Workshop, you learned strategies for empowering students to become active, responsible learners. In the On Course II Workshop, you’ll not only add to your repertoire of student-empowerment strategies, you’ll also learn to design and deliver learner-centered educational experiences that help students move from superficial to deep learning. (OC I completion is required before attending OC II) – Cost $400

These advanced design and facilitation skills are drawn from best practices in academic curriculum design, brain research, learning styles, active-learning principles, corporate training methodology, and personal development strategies.



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