Summer Faculty Development

Whether you are hitting the beach this summer, trekking up to the Boundary Waters, or teaching summer classes, there are two fantastic faculty development opportunities to consider:

  • The first comes courtesy of Meg Hatton in Reading.  She is inviting faculty to read Saundra Yancy McGuire’s Teach Students 51E8e9hjw9L._SY445_QL70_How to Learn, and then discuss the book together at 10 AM on June 12th and 26th.  Several copies of the book have been ordered for the Normandale library.
    • If you are interested, please fill out this Google form by June 1st so that we know how big a space to reserve and how many snacks to order.
  • The second opportunity comes courtesy of Ruth Robinson in Chemistry.  She is working on setting up Year 2 of Teaching Circles at Normandale, a program that creates groups of 4-5 cross-disciplinary faculty who wish to engage in a yearlong program of collaborative discussion, scholarship, and implementation of teaching and learning ideas.  According to Ruth, “The number one benefit, as cited by the participants, was getting to know and work with faculty members from departments other than their own.”  These Teaching Circles will start at the beginning of the Fall 2017 semester
    • If you are thinking you might like to join a Teaching Circle (and particularly if you have topics you would like to explore), please fill out this Google form to indicate your (non-binding) interest.

Enjoy the summer months, however you will spend them, and we’ll see you all back here in the fall!


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