CTL Hour today! What you don’t know you don’t know about D2L.

Today, Oct. 16th from 3-4pm in A2552.

What you don’t know you don’t know about D2L.

Many gems exist in the maze of our learning management software.  This session will bring these gems to the surface for you to glean; some of these gems will be demonstrated, others will be described in detailed handouts that you can either take for another day, or schedule an individual training session to explore.  Either way, one thing’s for sure: there are things you don’t know you don’t know, but will really love.  Presented by Kathleen Coate and Sue Tischendorf.

Preview of topics

We will give highlights of the following tools:

-Design templates for html files
-Office 365 integration
-User-friendly Checklists

Also at this session:

-D2L Time-saver tip sheet
-Handouts on Intelligent Agents, MediaSpace, Video Assignments, and more!

See you there!


Want to Improve Your Online Course?  Got 4 hours?

The next “Improving Your Online Course” workshop will be held on Friday, October 27th in Rochester, MN.  Sponsored by Quality Matters, this workshop is discounted to all Minn. State faculty for the stellar rate of $35. Got faculty development funds? Want help applying and registering?  Contact Kathleen Coate at kathleen.coate@normandale.edu for more info. Click here for the IYOC workshop flyer.


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