D2L Gradebook help? Don’t sweat it. And…new features coming Nov. 28th.

Does your D2L Gradebook need a tune-up?

Come to the Dec. 1st “Friday Coffee Fix” –  New location and extended time!

d2l friday schedule only

Can’t make it Dec. 1st? See below for more options.

d2l regular drop in hours 2017d2l extended finals week hours 2017

Click here to download or print the above information!

D2L Updates – Coming Nov. 28th!

Yes, that’s tomorrow.  5-7am downtime.

Don’t fear – these are minor updates and are REALLY useful.

-the ability to shuffle quiz questions in random order for each user
-an accessibility checker for html files
-the ability to hide assignment folders
-the ability to post to all discussion groups at once

A complete description of new features can be found here!

One change you’ll notice right away …

…is in your Content area: the return of icons to indicate the type of item it is:

d2l icons in content

Contact Kathleen Coate with any questions!

brace yourselves end of semester



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