Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!  We at the Center for Teaching and Learning hope your 2018 is off to a wonderful start!

As you start to think about the start of the semester, here are some faculty development opportunities that you don’t want to miss.

For starters, Kathleen Coate is offering some D2L/Office 365/online learning training sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday:

Wednesday, Jan. 3rd
Location: P1804  (coffee and refreshments provided!)

9-11am Open lab/Drop-in questions
11am-12:30pm  Content Design
1-3pm MediaSpace/Video Assignments/Adobe Connect
3-4:30pm Office 365

Thursday, Jan. 4th
Location: P1804   (coffee and refreshments provided!)

9-11am  Open lab/Drop-in questions
11am-12:30pm Gradebook
1-3pm   Intelligent Agents/Awards
3-5pm   Open lab/Drop-in questions

You can find more details about these training options here.

Then, on Friday, January 5th, all faculty and staff are back on campus for our before-the-semester development day!  We are very excited to hear from our keynote speaker, Dr. Abdul Omari, who will be presenting on both leadership and recognizing bias.  Many of you have requested more training on culturally responsive pedagogy, and Dr. Omari is here to help!

Also, the Center for Teaching and Learning is sponsoring two additional sessions on Friday:

  • What To Do When You Aren’t Sure What To Do (10:45-11:45 in A2552)

    Both faculty and staff members have experienced situations involving a student where you aren’t quite sure what to do next. For example, what do you do for a student who describes being depressed but is already seeing a therapist? How should you respond when a student describes a violent threat made by another student? Often in situations like these, there is not one right way to proceed, which can make faculty and staff feel very unsure of themselves. In this session, members of the Behavioral Intervention Team and staff from Student Affairs will walk participants through several complicated scenarios based on real-life situations involving students, helping participants identify key decision points and possible courses of action so that they can feel more confident in how to respond in real-world scenarios.

  • Normandale Students from Around the World (12:00-12:45 in P0808)

    Normandale has students attending from all over the world–but how much do we know about the countries they are coming from? During this lunch panel sponsored by the Center for Teaching and Learning, meet some of these students and hear more about their experiences in their countries of origin, as well as the unique perspectives they bring to our classes here at Normandale.

Last but not least, Kathleen Coate will once again be offering D2L training on Friday in her session “What’s New to D2L Brightspace?”, held from 10:45-11:45 in P1804.  This session will walk you through the newest features of D2L since Nov. 28th, including shuffling quiz questions for each user, using the html accessibility checker, and posting to all discussion groups at once.

You can find the full schedule of events for January 5th here.

See you all on Friday!


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