Tuesday’s Recharge stuff you won’t want to miss

Tuesday, March 20th – no day or evening classes

The “Ides of March” have passed and it’s time to jolt ourselves out of our spring-break stupor and into the all-too-often-dragging 2nd half of the semester. This faculty & staff development day is set aside every year for us examine what the heck we are doing here anyway.

Tuesday’s highlights from your Center for Teaching & Learning Team:

Smartphones in the Classroom

During the breakout sessions, your CTL team is offering a session on “Smartphones in the Classroom.” We all could use some great ideas of how to tap into and/or release our students’ grip on their phones right?? Come join us.

Super Sign-up

Stop by Kathleen Coate’s table during the morning coffee time at 8am, and see what’s available for online training. Want help with funding? Want help with the paperwork? (Focus is on D2L Connections in April, eLearning summit in August, and ongoing Quality Matters workshops.)

Other breakout sessions include:

Students of the Future  (“Lego robotics” team)
Moving toward Equity
Your role in Internationalizing Normandale

What the Heck is Office 365?
Charge! Let’s Fight the Good Fight! (conflict management strategies)
Love Language (what’s yours?)
Recharge Your Rhythm (swing and salsa lessons)
Remembering Ben (space for reflecting with others – 2nd time slot only)

Click here for the full day’s schedule

See you there!




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