Spring is coming! Freshen up your teaching with these upcoming development opportunities!

spring-06Despite Monday’s weather, spring is definitely on its way–and with it, many opportunities to breathe fresh air into your classroom.

This week’s Friday Coffee Fix (10-12 and 1-3 in L1735) focuses on the D2L Cloud migration – this will be of interest to those teaching in the 1st summer session. We will discuss the downtime involved (small window) as well as what new features will be there after the migration.

Also, there are three very easy ways to improve your online teaching:

  • D2L Connection: Minnesota Edition (April 13, 2018 at Normandale)
  • Minnesota eLearning Summit (August 1-2, 2018 at the U of M)
  • Quality Matters Workshops (ongoing)

If you are interested, contact Kathleen Coate, Normandale’s D2L Trainer, who has made signing up for these conferences about as easy as it could possibly be.

A few other resources to note:

  • If you missed the session from Recharge Normandale Day about using smartphones in the classroom, those resources have been posted online on the CTL D2L page.
  • Here is an article from the Tomorrow’s Professor blog about strategies for facilitating better online discussion.
  • Century College is offering On Course workshops in May.  On Course provides educators with strategies for empowering their students to be more active, responsible learners.  More information, including pricing, can be found here.

One last note: Kathleen Coate will not be holding D2L drop-in hours this Thursday, March 29.

Have a great week, everyone!





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