Last CTL Hour of the Semester: Addressing Grief in the Classroom

As the semester winds down, we know that you have a lot going on–grading, writing finals, grading, catching up on committee work, and oh, maybe some more grading!  In spite of all this busy-ness, we hope you can join us for the last CTL hour of this semester:

Addressing Grief in the Classroom

When something tragic happens–whether on campus, in society, or in the personal lives of you or your students–it can often affect what happens in class, sometimes in unexpected ways.  Join us as we listen to a panel of experts share their perspectives on how to handle disclosing tragic events, class discussions, personal disclosures, and other aspects of addressing grief and its possible impacts on the classroom.

Our panelists will be Dr. Amy Wagener, Dr. Theresa Glaser, and Angie Effertz.  We will meet from 3-4 pm in A2552, and there WILL be cookies!

Also, D2L Drop-in help has extended hours for Finals Week! Come on down to L1735 (lower level from the Library entrance) for answers to your questions.

Finals Week D2L Drop-in Schedule:

  • Mon 5/7 9am-12pm; 5-6 by appt only
  • Tues 5/8 9am-4pm; 4-6 by appt only
  • Wed 5/9 2pm-4pm; 4-6 by appt only
  • Thurs 5/10 10am-4pm
  • Fri 5/11 9am-4pm
  • Mon 5/14 9am-4pm; 4-6pm by appt only
  • Tues 5/15 9am-3pm

Note: If you know when you’re coming, please give a Kathleen Coate a heads up – priority will be given to appointments made during drop-in hours.

As you move forward into the summer, there are several additional professional development opportunities to look forward to:

  • Ruth Robinson will once again be organizing Teaching Circles for 2018-2019, but there will be some exciting changes to the program.  Stay tuned for more information later this week!
  • Also, Meg Hatton will be hosting the Summer Faculty Reading Group again this summer.  Watch for an email from her about times and the exciting book that the group will be reading!

And if you want to use the summer to catch up on your reading, here are two book recommendations:

  • The Pedagogy of REAL Talk by Paul Hernandez, which provides strategies for building rapport with students, which then lead to more engaged, successful students.  (Email Jen Miller if you would like to borrow a copy of this book)
  • Adjunct Faculty Voices, edited by Roy Fuller, Marie Kendall Brown, Kimberly Smith, and Adrianna Kezar.  As more and more faculty are employed as adjuncts, rather than in tenure-track positions, this essay collection offers valuable perspectives on the challenges of such work, as well as practices that adjunct faculty have employed to successfully overcome such challenges.

Hang in there, everyone!  We are almost done 🙂


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