Finals Week Updates and a Summer Preview

It’s hard to believe it, but it’s finals week already!  Wasn’t it just a few days ago that we got a blizzard?  And isn’t there still snow by the parking garage?

Anyways, as you finish up your semesters, here are a few things to look forward to over the summer and heading into next fall:

  • Meg Hatton is once again organizing a summer faculty reading group. Watch for an email from her about times and the exciting book that the group will be reading!
  • Teaching Circles is undergoing some exciting changes for 2018-19!! Participants will now receive a $500 stipend upon completion of the program!!  Two Teaching Circles groups will be offered this coming fall on the topics of “Culturally Responsive Pedagogy” and “Teaching Through Active Learning.”  Submit your application form (available here) to Ruth Robinson (F2205) as soon as possible.  Applications received by May 15th will receive the highest priority.
  • In 2018-2019, Robert Frame will once again collect information from faculty interested in “adding to their toolbox” by observing other NCC instructors in the Informal Peer Observation option.  Watch for an invitation – early in fall 2018! – to indicate your interest.

Also, if you need D2L help over finals week, here is Kathleen’s schedule:

Finals Week Schedule:

Mon 5/7 9am-12pm; 5-6 by appt only
Tues 5/8 9am-4pm; 4-6 by appt only
Wed 5/9 2pm-4pm; 4-6 by appt only
Thurs 5/10 10am-2pm
Fri 5/11 9am-2pm
Mon 5/14 9am-4pm; 4-6pm by appt
Tues 5/15 9am-3pm

Kathleen is also offering a number of summer workshops on topics including using advanced features to engage students and the D2L Cloud migration.  More information about these workshops can be found here.

One workshop that is particularly exciting is the “Videos for All” session, held on both May 22nd and June 26th.  Normandale has received money to improve our video captioning process–faculty are invited to these workshops to learn more about using video in their courses and creating their own videos.  The first 10 faculty to RSVP to Kathleen Coate will receive a free microphone/headset and the option to download Camtasia onto their work computer!  More information can be found here.

As part of this “Videos for All” project, faculty are also invited to take a survey!

The first 20 respondents will receive $3 in “Lancer Bucks,” good at any of the campus food venues. ALL survey participants prior to August 22nd will be entered into a drawing for $25 in Lancer Bucks.

The drawing will take place on August 22nd during Development Days.

The “Videos for All” survey can be found here.

To enter the survey, login with your Office 365 credentials:

Login with: [YourStarID]

Password: [YourStarIDPassword]

Last, but not least, Minnesota State has developed a resource promoting best practices in online teaching.  Take a look over the summer and see if you can use these guidelines to help improve your own online courses or content!

Thanks, everyone, for all you did this year to make CTL programming a success!  If you have suggestions for workshops or speakers next year, please let us know.  And in the meantime, have a fantastic summer!


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