Introducing the “Faculty Focus” Interview Series and more!

Whenever I have a chance to talk with my colleagues about their work–what they do in the classroom, what inspires them, what projects they’re working on, what conferences they are going to attend–I find myself fascinated. We are so lucky at Normandale to be surrounded by incredibly gifted faculty members, but we don’t always have the chance to learn about them as much as we’d like.

The Center for Teaching and Learning would like to help change that! Today, we are launching an interview series called “Faculty Focus,” where each month, we will feature a different faculty member. You will have the chance to hear from faculty members in their own words, maybe even learning something that you can bring to your own classroom.

This month, we are starting with Dan Darling, Faculty in English and one of the recent Board of Trustee Award winners from Normandale. Enjoy!

If you have ideas for other faculty members that should be featured, please email Jen Miller. Interviews will also be posted on the CTL D2L page if you want to find them easily in the future.

Kathleen Coate will again be holding “Friday Coffee Fixes” this semester. Here is the schedule for September–we hope you can make it to some of them! Also, Kathleen’s D2L drop-in hours are as follows:

Monday: 9am-10am; 1pm-2pm

Tuesday: 9am-12pm; 2pm-4pm (AND 4-6 by appointment only)

Wednesday: 9am-10am; 1pm-2pm (AND 4-6 by appointment only)

Thursday: 9am-1pm; 2pm-4pm

Most Fridays: “Friday Coffee Fix” – specific topics featured.  10am-12pm; 1pm-3pm.

Also, here are a few additional articles/opportunities worth noticing:

  • As we as a college think about ways to increase students’ sense of belonging on campus, faculty and staff might find the book College for Students with Disabilities: We Do Belong to be of interest. The Tomorrow’s Professor blog has reprinted a review of the book here.
  • Educause Review has an article about the importance–and the challenges–of maintaining personal connections in classrooms increasingly focused on technology.
  • Minnesota State continues to sponsor activities that promote Open Educational Resources, including webinars, community conversations, and learning circles. More information about all of these opportunities can be found here.
  • And finally, a post from the Berkeley Center for Teaching and Learning about getting and holding your students’ attention.

And remember–our first CTL hour of the semester will happen in about two weeks, on Monday, September 17 from 3-4 pm. We will be talking about how to improve the language of course learning outcomes, as well as how to connect those outcomes to class activities and assessments. We hope to see you there!


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