I Wish Our Students Were Better At…

ass essment

“I wish our students were better at….”

In what way(s) do you wish our students were better? Sometimes, the answer depends on your Department. For example,

  • Biology: “I wish our students were better at retaining their understanding of evolution.”
  • Communication: “I wish our students were better at creating and communicating an effective message.”

How about you? Do you want to see improvement in your students’ learning? And are you doing something about it? If so, then you are doing assessment! I think all of us are doing assessment, as a natural part of our teaching. But how do we know if we are doing it well? Can we improve?

This week’s Chalk & Pixels invites you to consider those questions, with the help of the following:

“You can use grades for assessment: true or false?”
Effective Grading_A Tool for Learning and Assessment

“Can exams play a role in improving student learning?”
How to Turn Your Exams Into Learning Opportunities

“How can I assess student learning in my online courses?”
Assessing Online Learning_Strategies, Challenges, and Opportunities

“What about the non-content goals I have for my students?”
Assessing the Intangible in Our Students

Enjoy these reads! And as always, please reach out to us if you have questions, comments, or ideas.

  • Jen Miller (faculty development), jennifer.miller@normandale.edu
  • Kathleen Coate (D2L training and online learning), kathleen.coate@normandale.edu
  • Betsy Longley (assessment), elizabeth.longley@normandale.edu





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