Course Learning Outcomes, Clickers, and Camtasia–A Variety of CTL Topics

Happy Monday, everyone!

If you are in the process of reviewing your department’s CCOs, or considering how to use the course learning outcomes to shape your assignments or assessments, check out the resources from last Monday’s CTL hour that we’ve posted on the CTL D2L page. You can find information on Bloom’s taxonomy, creating strong learning outcomes, and mapping out assignments to match course learning outcomes. These handouts are available under “Content–>CTL Hour Information–>Fall 2018–>Make It Clear, Make It Count, Make It Connect.”

This Friday’s Coffee Fix will feature the Camtasia software. Drop in L1735 anytime between 9am-12pm and again between 1pm-3pm. Try out Camtasia video software, installed on one of the computers in L1735. Experiment with recording, uploading, editing, and publishing videos for various uses in your course. Discuss your options for using or installing Camtasia on your own computer.

Don’t worry if you can’t make it to campus – once the session has taken place, you can find online resources for each topic in the Center for Teaching & Learning D2L page.

Here are some other articles/faculty development opportunities of interest:

  • Do you use clickers in your classroom? This excerpt, from an article by Traci Freeman and Brian Vanden Heuvel in the book Clickers in the Classroom, talks about ways to respond to the information we get from clicker responses, including peer instruction.
  • Minnesota State is offering Discipline Teaching Grants of up to $10,000 for projects “within a discipline that will advance the strategic system priority to close the opportunity gap by supporting instructional practices that enhance student learning and success. For these grants, projects that focus on integration of culturally relevant teaching practices or AAC&U identified high-impact practices will be prioritized.” The application deadline is October 15. For more information, including how to apply, click here.

And as always, please reach out to the CTL team if you have questions, comments, or ideas:

Jen Miller (faculty development),
Kathleen Coate (D2L training and online learning),
Betsy Longley (assessment),


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