When you need a boost of steam…check out these great upcoming sessions.

Keep on swimming…

It’s almost the middle of the semester – you’ve made it this far. We’re here to offer some knowledge boosts to get you through the 2nd half of the semester! Check out the great opportunities below.

CTL Hour – Oct. 15th

Working with Students on the Autism Spectrum

On Monday, October 15 from 3-4 pm in A2552, we will be hearing from Lauren Schumann from the Office for Students with Disabilities about “Working with Students on the Autism Spectrum.” We will learn a bit about what autism is and how it affects students, and then discuss possible strategies for helping these students in the classroom. Faculty and staff are encouraged to bring examples they have encountered in the classroom to work through as case studies with the group.

Friday Coffee Fix – upcoming sessions

What: Specific Topics in D2L/online learning complete with coffee and snacks
When: Specific Fridays – see schedule below
—OR– Off-site: Go to the D2L page for “Center for Teaching & Learning” – check the “Materials>Content>D2L Resources>Friday Coffee Fix” module for handouts & screencast videos of each topic (if available).

Remaining Fall 2018 schedule:

10am-12pm; 1-3pm (L1735 – Drop-in anytime)

Oct. 12: BYOQ
Bring Your Own Questions! Want help with your D2L gradebook? Quizzes? Discussion boards? Assignment folders? Turnitin? Stop on by.

Oct. 26th:
Student Presentations
Need some new ideas on how students can present their learning? Students can create and link projects into D2L through MediaSpace, Video Assignments, or Office 365 apps such as Sway or PowerPoint. Training materials you can give to students will be provided. Stop by for demos and discussion!

Nov. 9th: Rubrics
Not using the Rubric tool in D2L? It’s not too late! Rubrics can be used simply to remind students of your grading criteria, or as an interactive grading tool linked to your D2L gradebook.

Nov. 30th: BYOQ (repeat of Oct. 12th)

Dec. 14th: Quizzes & Gradebook
Make sure your D2L Quizzes and Gradebook settings are up to snuff and ready for any final quizzes or exams you have planned.

Click here for the Oct/Nov/Dec Friday Coffee Fix flyer

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