You’re invited…on campus and online! Read on for Great T&L opportunities.

CTL Hour – “Mindsets, Belonging, Student Resilience, and Success.”

Monday, Oct. 29th, 3-4pm, A2552

Dr. Chris Jazwinski and Dr. Amanda R. Hemmesch from the Department of Psychology at St. Cloud State University will present “Mindsets, Belonging, Student Resilience, and Success.”

In this presentation, Drs. Jazwinski and Hemmesch will discuss key concepts related to student competence and achievement, including mindset, belonging, and belonging uncertainty.

They will focus on scholarship on belonging, defined as the perceived quality of fit between oneself and a setting, particularly how it applies to academics. This presentation will be held from 3-4 pm in A2552.

STAR Symposium – Register now and plan a day online!

Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 8.54.50 PM

This year’s date: February 8, 2019

Every year the Star Symposium has great advice, new ideas, and reminders of things we probably learned but forgot about when it comes to teaching & learning strategies for ALL TYPES of teaching delivery methods (face-to-face, online, hybrid, etc.).

Best part of all? It’s virtual!!!  If enough people are interested we can reserve a room to attend together, OR, you can attend from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Cost? $50
Want to use Faculty Development Funds? Contact Kathleen Coate for help applying.

Click here for the STAR Symposium flyer for more details and to sign up!

Friday Coffee Fix – Student Presentations, Oct. 26th

L1735, 10am-12pm, 1pm-3pm. Drop-in anytime.

Need some new ideas on how students can present their learning? Students can create and link projects into D2L through MediaSpace, Video Assignments, or Office 365 apps such as Sway or PowerPoint. Training materials you can give to students will be provided. Stop by for demos & discussion!

D2L updates – did you hear the news?

We have a few updates as of Oct. 18th – here’s how to find out what they are:

Click here for a quick summary of 3 of the main updates.
Click here for the full release notes on all of the updates.
Click here for a 5-minute video about the Quiz auto-save feature.

MOQI – “We Teach” and other stuff

In addition to sponsoring the STAR Symposium, The Minnesota Online Quality Initiative offers support for online & hybrid courses.

Click here for MOQI’s calendar of upcoming face-to-face AND online workshops.

For your reading…

A great article from The Chronicle of Higher Education on how student perception and confidence is linked to assignment completion. Click here to read the article: Will Students Actually Believe They Can Do This Assignment?

Want more?

We’d love to hear from you! Contact your CTL leaders with questions, suggestions, or just to chat about teaching & learning opportunities we can hep you with.

Jennifer Miller – Faculty Development
Kathleen Coate – D2L Training
Betsy Longley – Assessment

Have a great week!

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