Local Conferences, the Latest on Lecturing, and a New Faculty Focus Interview

Happy Tuesday, everyone! We hope you enjoyed the long weekend 🙂

We’d like to start today by featuring January’s “Faculty Focus” interview with Willie Johnson, Faculty in Communications. In this interview, Willie tells us how he got into communications, what he likes to read, and some favorite strategies in the classroom. Enjoy!

As always, if you have someone you think should be featured in one of these interviews, please email Jen Miller (jennifer.miller@normandale.edu) with your recommendation.

If you are looking for more local opportunities to improve your teaching, especially online, here are some suggestions:

  • The D2L Connection: Minnesota Edition conference is being held right here at Normandale on Friday, April 5. If you want to present at the conference, proposals are due on February 1. The registration fee is $85; more information and the registration form can be found here.
  • The Minnesota State Star Symposium is a virtual conference that takes place on Friday, February 8. This conference covers “topics related to faculty support, course design and delivery, assessment practices, technology integration, and student engagement strategies.” The cost for this conference is $50. Kathleen Coate (kathleen.coate@normandale.edu) has a template for a faculty development fund request that you can get by emailing her.

Also, if you are looking for ways to spice up your teaching, particularly if you are looking to shift away from lecturing so much, the first section of the recent “Teaching” newsletter from The Chronicle of Higher Education has some strategies for structuring classes that blends lecturing with other teaching strategies. David Gooblar also has an article in The Chronicle that asks, “Is it Ever OK to Lecture?” if you are interested in thinking more about this topic.

Have a great short week!


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