At Normandale, we seek information about what our students are learning in order to improve their learning, and we engage in this process in many ways and at different levels within the College. In higher education, this practice is referred to as “assessment” of student learning.

“Assessment of student learning is the systematic gathering of information about student learning and the factors that affect learning, undertaken with the resources, time and expertise available, for the purpose of improving the learning.” (Barbara Walvoord, Professor Emerita, University of Notre Dame)

To help Faculty and Student Affairs professionals do this work, we have nearly 40 Assessment Leaders embedded in both Academic and Student Affairs Divisions and Departments.

Would you like to know more? Please contact your Department or Division Assessment Leader if you know who he or she is.  If you don’t, contact Betsy Longley, Student Learning Assessment Coordinator at ext. 8673 or via email: