Exciting News! CTL on D2L!

Happy Monday, everyone!

Our exciting news today is that the Center for Teaching and Learning has its own D2L page, named, appropriately, “Center for Teaching and Learning.”  This D2L page will be used as a repository for materials from CTL-sponsored events, making it easier for faculty to apply what they have learned in their own classrooms.  If you miss a CTL hour, no problem!  PowerPoint presentations, handouts, Common Book materials, teaching strategies, D2L resources, and the like can now all be found on this site.  You can also see reminders about upcoming events, including CTL hours and D2L training.

Thanks very much to Sue Tischendorf for getting this D2L page up and running!

Also, mark your calendars for next Monday’s CTL hour–“What You Don’t Know You Don’t Know About D2L,” held in A2552 from 3-4 pm.  Many hidden gems exist in the maze of our learning management software.  This session will bring these gems to the surface for you to glean; some of these gems will be demonstrated, others will be described in detailed handouts that you can either take for another day, or schedule an individual training session to explore.  Either way, one thing’s for sure: there are things you don’t know you don’t know, but will really love.  Presented by Kathleen Coate and Sue Tischendorf.

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Creating Open, Inclusive, and Accessible Classrooms

There is a lot of focus on open educational resources and accessible classrooms throughout the Minnesota State system this fall.  Here are some upcoming events that you might find interesting:

  • Tuesday, October 3, from 3-4 pm, Minnesota State is hosting a webinar designed to help support faculty around issues of accessibility and universal design.
  • If you are interested in considering open textbooks for your courses, you can get paid to do it!  After completing an introductory webinar on October 18, you review a textbook from the Open Textbook Library and then receive a small honorarium.  Here is information about how to register for this webinar and participate in this review process.
  • Minnesota State is also hosting two online learning circles in Spring 2018 for those looking for a more in-depth exploration of open education.  One learning circle focuses on collaboratively authoring an open textbook; the other looks at redesigning courses around no-cost course materials.  Applications for these learning circles are due October 20; faculty whose applications are accepted will receive release time for their participation in the learning circle.
  • Century College’s Institute of Culturally Responsive Pedagogy is creating several faculty cohorts to help faculty create inclusive classrooms with both high expectations and holistic support for students.  These cohorts are organized several times throughout the year; the cost for participating is $250.  Contact LuAnn Wood or Nickyia Cogshell for more information.

There is an updated schedule for the Friday Coffee Fixes with Kathleen Coate, our D2L trainer–take a look!  This upcoming Friday, we will be discussing Awards and Certificates, along with Intelligent Agents.  Join us in L1735 from 10-12 for coffee, snacks, and D2L advice!

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Teaching Students to Study Smarter, DACA Resources, and more!

failed testAre your students’ test and quiz scores lower than you hoped?  Are you surprised that they don’t seem to remember key information from the textbook?

The Center for Teaching and Learning can help!

Join us today, September 18, in A2552 from 3-4 pm to hear a panel of faculty from biology, nursing, reading, and psychology talk about metacognitive strategies that they use in their own classrooms to get their students to think about how they learn, rather than simply what they learn.

Then, you will have the chance to think about how you can implement some of these same ideas into your own classroom.  Hope to see you all there!

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Upcoming conferences, peer observations, and more!

And we’re off and running!  Here are some upcoming faculty development opportunities, as well as some links that might be useful for the first few weeks of class.

Here are three upcoming conferences that might be of interest to Normandale faculty:

Robert Frame, Faculty in History, is once again organizing informal peer observations among Normandale faculty.  This is not an evaluative process, but rather the opportunity to learn from watching what colleagues do in the classroom.  If interested, please sign up in the next day or two using this form. Continue reading

“Let love be the torch that guides you”

Happy first day of classes!

As we think about how to create an atmosphere of welcome and inclusivity in our classrooms, this letter, written by Carlos Polanco and other students from the Darthmouth class of 2021 to the incoming students at the University of Virginia, encourages all of us–students and faculty alike–to “stand for, with, and by love” and to “let love be the torch that guides [us]”.

fcc782-goodtimeforthetruthThere are some ways that we strive toward that here on our campus, starting with this afternoon’s first CTL Hour–“A Good Time for the Truth.”  In this session, five instructors from various disciplines will discuss how they have incorporated A Good Time for the Truth into their courses, and how you can, too. In this provocative book, sixteen authors provide a range of perspectives on what it is like to live as a person of color in Minnesota, and what steps need to be taken to close the opportunity gaps they face.

Please join us today, Monday, August 21st, from 3-4 pm in Room A2552 for this exciting session!

Other thoughts about getting the semester off to a good start:

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