Turnitin training, Online group discussion tips, and more!

Webinar series – hosted by Minnesota State

The state office is improving its distribution of information for training materials through their “Instructional Management System” (IMS) Sharepoint site.

How to access State’s IMS Sharepoint site:

• Go to https://mnscu.sharepoint.com/sites/IMS/
• When prompted for username and password, Enter YourStarID@minnstate.edu. For your username, Enter your StarID password

Last week’s webinar: Online Group Discussions – how do they work?

Click here for the Group Discussions webinar recording

(FYI: For easy access, the CTL team will also post the webinar recordings and other D2L-related information through our Center for Teaching & Learning D2L page.)

Free webinar opportunity: Koffee with Karen – Today!

Monday, April 8, 2019
3:00 – 4:00 pm
Topic: Intersections of Equity and OER

No registration necessary, simply join the virtual conversation April 8, 2019, at 3:00 pm by clicking the following link:

Join Here: https://www.zoom.us/j/357849309

Koffee with Karen: OER Community Conversations are open forum conversations for all to share, discuss, and learn from colleagues in the Minnesota State OER community. Hosted by Karen Pikula, the OER Faculty Development Coordinator, Koffee with Karen conversations are virtual, hour-long meetings held twice per semester and often feature a guest speaker on a topic of interest.

Learn more about Minnesota State OER at www.tinyurl.com/MinnStateOER. (Log in using your STARID@minnstate.edu) Questions?
Contact Karen Pikula, karen.pikula@minnstate.edu

Friday Coffee Fix – April 12th – time TBA

This week will be all about training – as in – what works best for you and what kind of training do you need? Main topics include:

  • Upcoming summer opportunities
  • Online training resources
  • Classes & workshops through Quality Matters, conferences, intensives, etc.

Learn what’s available, and bring your ideas for how we can help you find the training you need.

And as always, feel free to “BYOQ” (bring your own questions) on any D2L or Teaching & Learning challenge you may have.

Upcoming CTL Hour – April 15

  • On Monday, April 15, we will be offering a workshop on Turnitin in A2552 from 3-4 PM.
    • Turnitin is a tool integrated within D2L, and is most commonly used for the “Originality Check” and “GradeMark” tools for assessing student written work. Other functions include spelling and grammar tools, and robust markup and feedback tools. Instructors can choose whether student papers will be loaded into the “student repository,” or just run through an initial check against other online papers and web resources. Come learn the way in which your colleagues are benefitting from using this tool, and some of the teaching & learning principles behind it
    •  Bring your laptop so that you try out new techniques as you learn them! (Chromebooks will also be available.)

And last but not least, today’s D2L Pro-tip:

Have you tried the new annotation tool in D2L Assignments? The tool is still undergoing some functionality updates based on user feedback – please be patient and we’ll let you know how that’s progressing.

Click here to watch a video of the new annotation tool (8 minutes)

Have a great week!



The Final Stretch – get help & carry on!

We won’t take too much of your time, just two quick updates on getting D2L help, or a jump-start on next semester.

D2L Drop-in & Appointments in L1735

This week – Dec. 10-14:

Mon, 12/10: 9-10; 1-2
Tues, 12/11: 9-12; 2-4 (AND 4-6 by appointment only)
Wed, 12/12:  9-10; 1-2 (AND 4-6 by appointment only)
Thurs, 12/13:  9-2; 3-4
Fri, 12/14: 10am-2pm:   “Friday Coffee Fix” – Gradebook help (videos & handouts will be emailed in the morning as well)

Finals week – Dec. 17-21:

Mon, 12/17:  9-10; 2:30-4; 4-6 by appointment only
Tues, 12/18:  9-1; 2:30-4; 4-6 by appointment only
Wed, 12/19:  9-4
Thurs, 12/20:  9-4
Fri, 12/21:  9-3

Just prior to grades deadline*:

Mon, 12/24:  9-12 (*Grades due at 12pm)

Prior to 1st week of Spring Semester*

Tues, 1/8: 9-1
Wed, 1/9: 9-1
Thurs, 1/10: 9-2

*Alternative times for this week may be available upon request – don’t hesitate to ask!

Contact us!

Drop-in, or for a specific appointment time, call or email Kathleen at 952-358-8617, or kathleen.coate@normandale.edu

For more regular availability, you may also contact the ITS Helpdesk directly, at 952-358-8181, or send an email to:  its-helpdesk@normandale.edu.


finish strong

Faculty Focus, and Last-minute help is here!

Faculty Focus with Shannon Bros

Hear our latest interview with Environmental Biology instructor Shannon Bros. Find out how Shannon is shaping national legislation when she’s not busy teaching at Normandale!

Online class prep for spring…no not yet!

I know, it’s daunting. You’re in the thick of it now but spring will be here before you know it. Want to start a “wish list” for D2L tasks you’d like to incorporate?
Browse these tips for “Engaging students in an Online Environment” and make a pledge to incorporate one or two into your online environment.
Let us help!! Send an email to Kathleen Coate just stating which tip(s) you’d like to try, and get a reply back with instructions or one-on-one help.

End-of-semester D2L help

Here’s some great options for getting individual help with your final tasks of the semester:

  • ITS Helpdesk: Click here for hours
  • Friday Coffee Fix – Dec. 14th, 10am-12pm; 1-2pm in L1735
  • Drop-in or Appointment hours in L1735: Click here for hours*
    • Additional hours will be held 8am-12pm on Monday, Dec. 24th for help with grade input
    • *NOTE: No drop-in hours Tuesday, Dec. 4th

Have a great week!



Free beer and a survey! Plus the next CTL hour – Read on!

Time to think outside the box.

The semester’s final weeks are upon us and you could use a small boost.


Blended/Hybrid courses – take this survey to help us plan more robust training – earn a free (root) beer!

Take this quick survey*

*Questions are designed for current and potential instructors for Blended/Hybrid courses

  • Survey deadline: Friday, Nov. 16th @ noon
    • Only 7 questions – complete in 2 mins. or less
  • Free root beer available in L1735
    • It’s an anonymous survey, so we’ll take your word for it.

We are working with Instructional Designer Mary O’Brien from Winona State University to help us provide the best training and support for your work in these innovative and unique types of classes. Help us plan!

We value your input! Don’t delay – please take the survey by noon on Friday, Nov. 16th.

CTL Hour – Presentations, participation, and exams—oh my!

Monday, Nov. 19th, 3-4pm, Room A2552

These assignments often cause students anxiety, and as finals get nearer, this anxiety will only intensify.

How can we help students manage and decrease their performance-related anxiety? In this CTL workshop, Kristen Cooper, one of Normandale’s counselors, will share strategies for helping students deal with anxiety—test anxiety in particular, but also anxiety related to class participation, presentations, etc.

Please feel free to share this invitation with anyone you think might find this information useful. We hope to see you all there!

And for your reading…

This recent Chronicle article provides useful tips for engaging with online students:  Faculty Members Can Build Relationships With Online Students. Here’s How.

Have a great week!

You’re invited…on campus and online! Read on for Great T&L opportunities.

CTL Hour – “Mindsets, Belonging, Student Resilience, and Success.”

Monday, Oct. 29th, 3-4pm, A2552

Dr. Chris Jazwinski and Dr. Amanda R. Hemmesch from the Department of Psychology at St. Cloud State University will present “Mindsets, Belonging, Student Resilience, and Success.”

In this presentation, Drs. Jazwinski and Hemmesch will discuss key concepts related to student competence and achievement, including mindset, belonging, and belonging uncertainty.

They will focus on scholarship on belonging, defined as the perceived quality of fit between oneself and a setting, particularly how it applies to academics. This presentation will be held from 3-4 pm in A2552.

STAR Symposium – Register now and plan a day online!

Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 8.54.50 PM

This year’s date: February 8, 2019

Every year the Star Symposium has great advice, new ideas, and reminders of things we probably learned but forgot about when it comes to teaching & learning strategies for ALL TYPES of teaching delivery methods (face-to-face, online, hybrid, etc.).

Best part of all? It’s virtual!!!  If enough people are interested we can reserve a room to attend together, OR, you can attend from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Cost? $50
Want to use Faculty Development Funds? Contact Kathleen Coate for help applying.

Click here for the STAR Symposium flyer for more details and to sign up!

Friday Coffee Fix – Student Presentations, Oct. 26th

L1735, 10am-12pm, 1pm-3pm. Drop-in anytime.

Need some new ideas on how students can present their learning? Students can create and link projects into D2L through MediaSpace, Video Assignments, or Office 365 apps such as Sway or PowerPoint. Training materials you can give to students will be provided. Stop by for demos & discussion!

D2L updates – did you hear the news?

We have a few updates as of Oct. 18th – here’s how to find out what they are:

Click here for a quick summary of 3 of the main updates.
Click here for the full release notes on all of the updates.
Click here for a 5-minute video about the Quiz auto-save feature.

MOQI – “We Teach” and other stuff

In addition to sponsoring the STAR Symposium, The Minnesota Online Quality Initiative offers support for online & hybrid courses.

Click here for MOQI’s calendar of upcoming face-to-face AND online workshops.

For your reading…

A great article from The Chronicle of Higher Education on how student perception and confidence is linked to assignment completion. Click here to read the article: Will Students Actually Believe They Can Do This Assignment?

Want more?

We’d love to hear from you! Contact your CTL leaders with questions, suggestions, or just to chat about teaching & learning opportunities we can hep you with.

Jennifer Miller – Faculty Development
Kathleen Coate – D2L Training
Betsy Longley – Assessment

Have a great week!