Summer Training opportunities – starting today!

summer computer

Here’s your chance for some in-person help with D2L Brightspace, and the “Videos for All” initiative.

RSVP for all workshop: 952-358-8617, or
Location: L3711 (3rd floor inside the Library)

Monday, May 21st






New Features/Cloud update (Repeated on June 25th)

·         After the Cloud migration on June 1st & 2nd several new features will be added to D2L.

·         In this session, you will be able to view and practice using these new features in the “QA” (Quality Assurance) environment. (Especially helpful if you are teaching Summer Session I)


Tuesday, May 22nd

10:00am-12:00pm Videos for All (Repeated on June 26th)

·         Discuss how to find pre-made videos for your courses

·         Experiment with MediaSpace (online software for storing and creating videos)

·         See a demo of Camtasia Studio (video-creation software)

·         Learn how to make and/or request captions for your videos

1:00pm-3:00pm Student engagement using advanced features (Repeated on June 26th)

·         Learn consistency of design and the Checklist tool

·         Experiment with Templates

·         Set up Release Conditions

·         Set up Intelligent Agents

Monday, June 25th





New Features/Cloud update (Repeated from May 21st)

·         After the Cloud migration on June 1st & 2nd several new features were added to D2L.

·         In this session, you will be able to view and practice using these new features to prepare to use them in your courses. (Especially helpful if you are teaching Summer Session II)


Tuesday, June 26th

8:00am-10:00am Videos for All (See description from May 22nd)


10:30am-12:30pm Student engagement using advanced features (See description from May 22nd)


Wed, July 18th & Thurs, July 19th


(both days)

D2L Basics – 2 day workshop

·         Review basic instructional design principles as they apply to the online environment

·         Learn and experiment with the primary tools in D2L

·         Begin designing your course for either face-to-face, hybrid, or fully online environments


Tuesday, Aug. 21st

9:00am-12:00pm D2L Crash Course: Learn the basics of D2L – stuff you need to know before classes start!
·         For one-on-one assistance, contact the ITS Helpdesk, or Kathleen Coate at 952-358-8617,

·         Watch your email for more D2L training opportunities during August Development Days!


Before you go…(seriously, you’ll want to read this)

Teaching Circles re-imagined – Apply before you go!

Teaching Circles is undergoing some exciting changes for 2018-19!! Participants will now receive a $500 stipend upon completion of the program!!  Two Teaching Circles groups will be offered this coming fall on the topics of “Culturally Responsive Pedagogy” and “Teaching Through Active Learning.”  Submit your application form (available here) to Ruth Robinson (F2205) as soon as possible. Applications received by May 15th will receive the highest priority.

Videos for All

By now you’ve probably heard…we are working with Minn State’s “Captioning Project Seed Funding” program to create a robust method for using and creating fully accessible videos in all classes – this is an ongoing project that’s just getting started and we’d love for you to be the first to get involved!

How do I get in on Videos for All?

Take this survey! 

  • Login to the survey using Office 365 credentials: [YourStarID] and your Star ID Password
  • Earn $3 in Lancer Bucks and entry into a drawing for $25 Lancer Bucks! (Drawing held on August 23rd)

Come to a summer workshop on either May 22nd (10am-12pm) or June 26 (8am-10am – Location: L3711 – RSVP required)

  • Discuss how to find pre-made videos for your courses
  • Experiment with MediaSpace (online software for storing and creating videos)
  • See a demo of Camtasia Studio (video-creation software)
  • Learn how to make and/or request captions for your videos
  • Receive a FREE headset and option for FREE Camtasia (first 10 faculty to respond to each date)
  • RSVP to or 952-358-8617

Click here for the Videos for All flyer

Teaching in the summer?

Click here for the full summer workshops schedule

How can I promote student engagement?

Come to a workshop on either May 22nd (1pm-3pm) or June 26th (10:30am-12:30pm – Location: L3711 – RSVP requested)

  • Learn consistency of design and the Checklist tool (in other words – Jazz up your Content!)
  • Experiment with Templates
  • Set up Release Conditions
  • Set up Intelligent Agents
  • RSVP to or 952-358-8617

What changes are coming to D2L on June 2nd?

You’ll notice some great new features, and some hidden gems when D2L moves to the cloud.

Come to a workshop on either May 21st (10am-11am OR 1pm-2pm) OR June 25th (9am-10am OR 11am-12pm) Location: L3711 – RSVP requested)

  • Images – more robust editing ability in html files- See video (2:30)
  • Intelligent Agent – re-designed edit page – See video (4:36)
  • Quizzes – add a “due date” as well as an “end date”
  • Manage Dates – “due date” now included
  • ePortfolio – D2L has provided an overview video and a video to help you navigate this new tool for Minnesota State campuses.

To explore these new features on your own, go to your “quality assurance” (QA) test site in D2L’s cloud available at  Login using your StarID credentials.  After you log in, you’ll find the same look and feel of D2L Brightspace.  Listed below are descriptions of some of the new features and changes you’ll see after we migrate on June 1-2.  Don’t wait, try these out today!

Want one-on-one help with D2L Brightspace?

Contact the ITS Helpdesk

Contact the help desk at 952-358-8181 or use the AskUs – Employee edition ticket system – select “Click to login” in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Make an appointment

Kathleen Coate will be on campus only periodically through the summer – please see the schedule below, and let her know if you’d like to schedule an appointment. (, 952-358-8617)
(You may also drop-by without an appointment, however priority will be given to pre-made appointments.)
Wed May 16th 9am-2pm
Thurs May 17 9am-2pm
Wed May 30 12-4pm
Thurs May 31 12-3pm
Mon June 4 9am-2pm
Tues June 5 9am-12pm
Wed June 6 9am-12pm
Thurs June 7 9am-12pm
Thurs June 14 12-3pm
Tues July 10 9am-11am
Tues July 31 9:30-11:30am; 12:30-2pm
Mon Aug. 6 9am-12pm
Tues Aug. 7 10am-12pm
Mon Aug. 20 9am-2pm

Have a very healthy, creative, and invigorating summer!


Your CTL team


You need support. Find the support you need.

Teaching takes effort.

At CTL, we aim to take the stress out of knowing where & how to get the best and most effective help for your teaching strategies – so you can work smarter, not harder.


CTL is in D2L! Have you been there?

Check out our D2L page (click here), which includes some instructional design info, teaching strategies, as well as documentation on common D2L tools & concepts.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Let Kathleen Coate or Jennifer Miller know! We are the ones currently maintaining this page, and would love your feedback.

Improving Your Online Course (IYOC)

Workshop description from QM:The “Improving Your Online Course” workshop explores the QM Rubric and provides a framework to improve the quality of online and blended courses. Participants use the QM Rubric to review their own courses and develop a course improvement plan.

The content is based on the 21 essential Specific Review Standards of the Quality Matters Rubric. Participants come away with a plan for course improvement, so enrolling in the workshop with an online or blended course with a pre-developed course is required.”

Click here for more info & to register

WeTeach: Online/Blended Design & Delivery – online course sponsored by MOQI (Minnesota Online Quality Initiative)

We teach general description
Upcoming 8-week sessions:

  • July 9-Aug 31
  • Sept 10-Nov 2
  • Spring 2019 dates TBA

Click here for WeTeach full info including how to register!

eLearning summit 2018!

Open. Online. Opportunity.

The MN eLearning Summit is the premier event of the MinnesotaLearning Commons and a gathering place for K−12, college, and universityeducators and innovators in the Midwest committed to effective online andblended learning. The Summit will feature concurrent sessions focused oneLearning tools, resources, services, and best practices; opportunities to meet, collaborate, and contribute ideas for the effective use of instructional technology in and out of the classroom; and a shared vision for utilizing resource-rich tools that reach 21st-century learners.

What to expect

  • 300+ educators, innovators, and presenters
  • About 80 concurrent breakout sessions covering topics of eLearning including blended, flipped, digital learning
  • Bring-your-own-device learning sessions
  • Presentations for all skills levels, including experienced educators, as well as those new to digital learning
  • Exhibitors showcasing the latest resources and tech solutions
  • Opportunities to network with professional c

Click here for more info & to register!

Got Faculty Development Funds?

Fact: Per your MSCF contract, you have the ability to apply for reimbursement of faculty development opportunities that you feel are important to your work. This includes instructional design work for your courses.

Fact: Applying is easier than ever with an online form. Contact Rob Gronemann for more info.

Q: How much can I apply for?
A: Depends on your credit load:

Every two years, you may apply for…
$500 if you teach 7.5 credits or less
$1000 if you teach 7.5 to 15 credits
$1500 if you teach 16 to 22.5 credits
$2000 if you teach 22.5+ credits

Used all your funds?

We don’t want faculty to miss out on MOQI opportunities – contact Kathleen Coate if you feel you need assistance in paying for course design opportunities, including a QM review.

Final CTL Hour: Addressing Grief in the Classroom, Monday, April 30th, 3-4 PM, A2552

When something tragic happens–whether on campus, in society, or in the personal lives of you or your students–it can often affect what happens in class, sometimes in unexpected ways.  Join us as we listen to a panel of experts share their perspectives on how to  handle disclosing tragic events, class discussions, personal disclosures, and other aspects of addressing grief and its possible impacts on the classroom.
Panelists: Dr. Amy Wagener, Dr. Theresa Glaser, and Angie Effertz

Also, the Teaching Circles program has undergone some exciting changes.  Stay tuned for more information!

Have a great week!

find support

CTL hour today – join us!

Another chance to recharge!

  • A Discussion of Richard Leider’s Book The Power of Purpose—3-4 pm in A2552
    During this session, faculty will go more in-depth with Richard Leider’s work on purpose.  They will have the opportunity to complete his “Calling Cards” exercise, which helps participants discover their gifts, as well as discuss key themes and ideas from The Power of Purpose.
    Presenters: Dara Hagen, Vice President of Student Affairs, and Jen Miller, Faculty in English
  • Escape Rooms—2:30-5:30 pm in the Kopp Student Center
    Phi Theta Kappa will be hosting three different escape rooms, where participants have about 30 minutes to work together to unlock the solution of the room.  This event is open to both faculty and students; faculty can participate by forming a team of 4 faculty members, by inviting students from their classes to participate, or by being available to help groups in need of an extra participant.  This presents a unique opportunity on campus to practiceteam building and leadership, all while having fun!
    Presented by Phi Theta Kappa; email to sign up or for more info

Friday Coffee Fix – two remaining

L1735, 10am-12pm; 1pm-3pm

April 20th: Bring Your Own Questions

April 27th: Gradebook setup – check your setting for end-of-semester grading

Summer training opportunities!

Stay tuned for Quality Matters, We Teach instructional design online class, and face-to-face workshops at Normandale.

Have a request for specific training needs? Let Kathleen know!

Have a great week!

merry monday


Spring for the finish line

Welcome to 3rd winter.

It’s hard to imagine that Spring is coming, but it is coming. In the meantime, hang tight, power through, and all those other cliches that make you want to roll your eyes and throw a snowball at someone.

In the meantime, here’s some AMAZING opportunities that will give you hope where hope is lost.

D2L Connections

Friday, April 13th, 8am-4pm

Join your colleagues from Normandale AND from around the region RIGHT HERE ON CAMPUS!  Learn great online/hybrid and face-to-face teaching strategies. Contact Kathleen Coate for help with signing up and/or requesting Faculty Development Funds.

Click here for the D2L Connections “Schedule at a Glance”

Recharge Download

Monday, April 16th, 3-4pm

Looking for more opportunities to recharge?  During the next CTL hour on Monday, April 16th, faculty will have the chance to do more with Richard Leider’s work on purpose, as well as participate in a special team-building activity sponsored byPhi Theta Kappa.  Watch for an email later this week with more information!

MOQI – Minnesota Online Quality Initiative

Ongoing workshops & webinars

Q: What is MOQI??

A: MOQI is a program throughout Minnesota State colleges for the betterment of online teaching strategies. MOQI provides:

  • Access to Quality Matters formal course reviews
  • Workshops for improving online/hybrid courses
  • Free webinars every other week on various teaching topics
  • A BRAND-NEW program called WeTeach – click this link to learn more!

Click here for the MOQI Calendar of events!

Q: Are MOQI programs only for online courses?

A: No! Faculty attest time and time again that MOQI training sessions, including Quality Matters, help them immensely with face-to-face courses. For those teaching both online and face-to-face, you will find ways to streamline your work and organize your materials to reduce multiple-prep fatigue!

And now, back to your regularly scheduled Monday.

spring is coming