Coffee’s on. Come on down.

Come to L1735 for D2L Brightspace help today

Finish up the semester, or get setup for spring

Monday  8:30-2pm (excludes pre-made appointments)
Tuesday  8:30-12pm  – grades due at 12pm

Call or email for help: 952-358-8617
IT Helpdesk: 952-358-8181

The coffee today is half-caff – enough to wake you up but not so much that you get trigger-happy when entering grades!

Optional training sessions for your calendar…

Wednesday, Jan. 3rd
Location: P1804  (coffee and refreshments provided!)

9-11am Open lab/Drop-in questions
11am-12:30pm  Content Design
1-3pm MediaSpace/Video Assignments/Adobe Connect
3-4:30pm Office 365

Thursday, Jan. 4th
Location: P1804   (coffee and refreshments provided!)

9-11am  Open lab/Drop-in questions
11am-12:30pm Gradebook
1-3pm   Intelligent Agents/Awards
3-5pm   Open lab/Drop-in questions

Click here for more details on each session.

A few new things in D2L Brightspace…

On Nov. 28th, D2L updated with some cool new features. One of the breakout sessions on Friday, Jan. 5th will feature these updates. Look for more information in your Development Day schedule coming soon.

Have a great week!

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Grading, Class prep, Domain changes, Oh my! Help is here.

D2L Gradebook support? Check.

Get your gradebook in tip-top shape for calculating & submitting grades.

You want to get this right, and don’t want to be frustrated in the process.

Click here for our Gradebook – End of Semester FAQ’s!

Extended Drop-in hours in L1735 through Dec. 19th*

Mon, 12/11: 8:30am-3:30pm
Tues, 12/12: 8:30am-3:30pm (AND 4-6pm by appointment only)
Wed, 12/13: 2:30-4:00pm (AND 4-6pm by appointment only)
Thur, 12/14: 8:30am-3:30pm
Fri, 12/15: 8:30am-4pm

Mon, 12/18: 8:30am-4:30pm
Tues, 12/19: 8:30am-12pm    (Grades due at 12pm!)

*Note: Feel free to drop-in during the hours above, but pre-made appointments will be prioritized.

Can’t make it to campus?

Two more great options:

  1. Call or Email Kathleen with your question:, 952-358-8617.
  2. Call the IT Helpdesk or Click here to Submit a ticket to the IT Helpdesk.

ask us click here to log in

Once logged in, click the Enter A Service Request and complete the form.

Get a jump-start on the spring semester

Prior to Development Day, get help with class prep, and/or learn some new tricks.

Wednesday, Jan. 3rd
Location: P1804  (coffee and refreshments provided!)

9-11am Open lab/Drop-in questions
11am-12:30pm  Content Design
1-3pm MediaSpace/Video Assignments/Adobe Connect
3-4:30pm Office 365

Thursday, Jan. 4th
Location: P1804   (coffee and refreshments provided!)

9-11am  Open lab/Drop-in questions
11am-12:30pm Gradebook
1-3pm   Intelligent Agents/Awards
3-5pm   Open lab/Drop-in questions

Click here for more details on each session.

So…what’s up with the Domain change on Dec. 27th?

Q: What is happening?
A: Web addresses with “” are changing to “”

Q: What should I do after Dec. 27th?
A: We recommend you check all links in your files and D2L courses that have anything to do with the “” address.

Q: How will I know which files to check?
A: You will receive an email that provides a list of all links in  your courses (excluding PowerPoint and Excel files).

Click here for more domain change FAQ’s


And speaking of class prep…

Previously on Chalk & Pixels we provided info on a great high-impact learning technique called “Reacting to the past.”

Using any curriculum, you can provide students the opportunity to create real-world scenarios and immerse themselves in topics connected to your material.

Click here to read about this incredibly effective teaching technique, and how it impacts students! 

Click here to read more about the upcoming conference in January

Thanks to Ben Maegi in the History department for providing this info – contact him if you want to know more about in-class gaming ideas.

Have a great week!

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D2L Gradebook help? Don’t sweat it. And…new features coming Nov. 28th.

Does your D2L Gradebook need a tune-up?

Come to the Dec. 1st “Friday Coffee Fix” –  New location and extended time!

d2l friday schedule only

Can’t make it Dec. 1st? See below for more options.

d2l regular drop in hours 2017d2l extended finals week hours 2017

Click here to download or print the above information!

D2L Updates – Coming Nov. 28th!

Yes, that’s tomorrow.  5-7am downtime.

Don’t fear – these are minor updates and are REALLY useful.

-the ability to shuffle quiz questions in random order for each user
-an accessibility checker for html files
-the ability to hide assignment folders
-the ability to post to all discussion groups at once

A complete description of new features can be found here!

One change you’ll notice right away …

…is in your Content area: the return of icons to indicate the type of item it is:

d2l icons in content

Contact Kathleen Coate with any questions!

brace yourselves end of semester


Connect with students for their educational – and mental – well being.

Adobe Connect: Free to all Minn State faculty, staff, and students!

This web-meeting tool helps you easily connect with students live online, and share your screen, documents, a whiteboard, and your webcam!

Click on these resources for more info:
1. Info on Normandale portal, including video overview

2. Youtube tutorial by Alistair Lee

3. Quick “Getting Started” guide

D2L Help – Friday Coffee Fix! Only 3 2 left!

  1. November 10th: BYOQ!  Bring Your Own Questions! Make a list of what’s puzzling you about D2L and come on down – we can help.  Cancelled due to the Veteran’s Day holiday!  
  2. November 17th: Design strategies in D2L – want your html files in D2L to be more visually organized? Want to easily convert pdf’s, powerpoints, or word docs into visually stunning web pages for students?**  This is the session for you.  It’s so easy you’ll swoon, and not just from the caffeine rush.
    **We will demonstrate Design Templates in D2L, and the O365 app “Sway”.
  3. December 1st: Gradebook!  You know this time is coming – time to get your gradebook organized and ready for students to view. We will demonstrate some common end-of-the-semester tasks, and help you with individual questions about your gradebook.

Click here for the Fall 2017 Friday Coffee Fix schedule

Click here for normal drop-in hours and appointment times

Upcoming CTL Hour! Mental health services at Normandale.

Monday, Nov. 20th, 3-4pm, A2552

This session will focus on what Normandale provides in terms of mental health wellness. Come and learn how best to communicate with students, what to put in your syllabus, and what to do when you think a student might be in need of help.  See you there!

Have you seen our D2L page??

CTL (Center for Teaching and Learning) has a newly-updated D2L page, which houses resources for your perusal. We will upload material from past-sessions, and organize modules that are easy to navigate and find resources for your teaching needs.

CTL d2l page image for search

Have a great week!

the end is near

CTL Hour today! What you don’t know you don’t know about D2L.

Today, Oct. 16th from 3-4pm in A2552.

What you don’t know you don’t know about D2L.

Many gems exist in the maze of our learning management software.  This session will bring these gems to the surface for you to glean; some of these gems will be demonstrated, others will be described in detailed handouts that you can either take for another day, or schedule an individual training session to explore.  Either way, one thing’s for sure: there are things you don’t know you don’t know, but will really love.  Presented by Kathleen Coate and Sue Tischendorf.

Preview of topics

We will give highlights of the following tools:

-Design templates for html files
-Office 365 integration
-User-friendly Checklists

Also at this session:

-D2L Time-saver tip sheet
-Handouts on Intelligent Agents, MediaSpace, Video Assignments, and more!

See you there!


Want to Improve Your Online Course?  Got 4 hours?

The next “Improving Your Online Course” workshop will be held on Friday, October 27th in Rochester, MN.  Sponsored by Quality Matters, this workshop is discounted to all Minn. State faculty for the stellar rate of $35. Got faculty development funds? Want help applying and registering?  Contact Kathleen Coate at for more info. Click here for the IYOC workshop flyer.