Center Teaching and Learning Summer Teaching Studio: Digital Teaching Tools

Guiding principle: Technology should be used when it offers andragological tools for reaching learning outcomes. What technology should be used depends on the students’ abilities, the faculty’s abilities, and the availability of a specific technology–in that order.

How to create a digital lesson plan:

  1. Define the content, skill, metacognitive, or student-directed learning outcome for the lesson.
  2. Define the sources you wish to use for the lesson (these may be part of a digital tool or separate from the tool).
  3. Survey the digital landscape for tools that might address your learning outcomes.
  4. Craft a specific process that you wish students to follow for your assignment.
  5. Do the assignment yourself. This is a must with digital tools.
  6. Revise your outcomes or tools based on your dry-run experience.

Best book I’ve read about the digital world and teaching: Net Smart: How to Thrive Online. Howard Rheingold. MIT Press 2012.

Journals to review for more info on digital teaching (all are open access):

Hybrid Pedagogy: digital teaching.
Digital Studies: English and French, wide ranging research and teaching.
Digital Humanities Quarterly: teaching and research
Digital Culture and Education
International Journal for Digital Art History

Select other resources
Digital Research Tools: Pay no attention to research part of the title. The page has a compendium of digital tools for all disciplines. Nicely organized.
Digital Humanities Now: A newsfeed aggregator of Digital Humanities publications. Wonderful in its inclusiveness. Easiest way to stay abreast of smart thinking on DH.
“Principle based us of digital technology to improve STEM learning” Youtube video of UCDavis Professor Sanjoy Mahajan using four digital technologies to teach math.


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